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Introducing LubDub.

Poll for opinions. Rate stuff. Decide already.

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LubDub is better than using text, email, or monkeys.

It’s simple, quick, and engaging.

LubDub is for all your important questions like “Who should run the country?” and the really important ones like “Tacos or Sushi?”

Watch the video to see how LubDub can help you.


Common questions and answers

  • How does it work?

    Sign up with an email and password and then start following people and brands you want to share your opinions with. Add followers you trust and begin posting your important questions to them.

  • What kinds of posts can be created?

    Any question with up to ten response choices. We include templates for yes/no, thumbs up, satisfaction, star ratings, and of course the ever important "Lunch?" poll.

  • Who can see my votes?

    Posts can be shared privately with the people you choose or shared publicly with everyone on LubDub. Anyone can view public posts and votes. Private post votes can only be seen by the creator and followers it was shared with.

  • What devices do you support?

    Our first release is iPhone only. Plans for iPad, Android devices, and the web are being considered so stay tuned.


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